Fasting & Weight Loss: The Master Cleanse Versus Intermittant Fasting

In recent years, the Master Cleanse program has gained in popularity as more and more celebrities and health professionals have started using or advocating the program. Despite its recent surge in popularity, the master cleanse is actually a very old method of body cleansing and detoxification that was developed in the 1940s by Stanley Burroughs. However, in recent years several celebrities have publicly embraced the cleanse for weight loss goals as well.

Although those who follow the Master Cleanse program frequently lose weight (ten pounds in ten days is not uncommon), using this program for weight loss goals is not advisable. This is because long term fasting will cause a slow down of your metabolism and because much of the weight loss one will experience while on the cleanse is due to the detoxification process and will return soon after you stop the cleansing program.

For those who are looking to lose weight through fasting, intermittent fasting for weight loss is by far a much better option. With intermittent fasting, you will do short fasts – usually 24 hours or less in duration – a few times a week. This method successfully reduces your caloric intake – meaning you will lose weight – while not slowing down your metabolism. In fact, several scientific studies have actually suggested that intermittent fasting may be healthier for your than eating every day. Laboratory animals placed on intermittent fasting schedules had lower rates of cancer, obesity and many other life threatening illness and conditions. To learn more about intermittent fasting, I strongly suggest you read Eat, Stop, Eat by Brad Pilon.

It is thought that the health benefits from intermittent fasting may be a result of our evolutionary past. Our ancestors most likely followed a pattern of inadvertent fasting since their food resources were unpredictable, leading to a pattern of fasting and feasting, and our bodies seem well adapted even in modern life to this eating pattern.

For those who are interested in reducing their caloric intake, intermittent fasting is a much better option overall for weight loss. However, for those who are interested in detoxifying their body, the Master Cleanse is a great program to pursue, but for weight loss it is not the best option.

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